Bridget is a wonderful therapist. She listens to your story, is as attentive as someone can be and really takes a close look at your body, but also your overall condition and emotions. She advises you in nourishment and lifestyle. Her treatments are intense and very effective. It’s not just TCM, it’s so much more. With all the knowledge she’s got, she looks at you as a whole and heals with her technique, methods and an open ear.

EK October 2015

An acupuncture session with Bridget is a very holistic experience, which unfolds its deep healing effect for a much longer time than the actual session. I have had the possibility to enjoy a couple of sessions and can say that each one of them gave me the feeling of being cared for by very experienced hands. Bridget is a very good and attentive listener and a responsible practicing acupuncturist. She combines this with a passion of healing arts which always gave me the feeling of receiving a very tailor-made and thus very effective treatment. I went to see Bridget during the tiring and exhausting time after the birth of my first child and I always came out of the sessions rejuvenated and invigorated – a little miracle!

BB March 2015

If anyone is considering some serious and deeply needed “time out” I thoroughly recommend Bridget Hunter and Bridget Hunter Retreats.

JB March 2015

I had my first ever acupuncture treatment with Bridget and I was very happy with her level of knowledge and professionalism. I was naturally a little nervous at first with the unexpected but she talked me through the entire process calmly and answered all my questions. I felt really good after the treatment-the twinge I had in my right knee went away by the next morning. It’s a shame I don’t live closer or I would make regular appointments. I’d highly recommend her to anyone, especially first-timers.

KW February 2015

After months of pain in my jaw I turned to Bridget without knowing if she was able to help, I had constant pain and my hope for recovering (and finally be able to stop taking painkillers) was pretty much gone. She was the first doctor who actually took the time to look at me thoroughly and ask about my medical history. The treatment was very gentle, and she made sure that I felt comfortable with every part of it. I am immensely grateful that she managed to help me with my pain.

EB April 2015

As I was driven through the small hamlet of Niedernondorf, I noticed the natural beauty of the countryside. As we turned into Mayerhof, I was stunned with the artistry of this medieval farm, a real gem of a place! I felt as though I had come home, to a place of beauty, calmness and safety, hidden from the outside world. It was as if I was entering a magical place out of a storybook. With all my stresses, draining away like the doors of a dam opening! Release! After unpacking, I was given a short tour. I marveled at the interior architecture of the main buildings, so lovingly restored. We returned to the dining area and I was served a beautiful dish of farm and locally grown produce. Delicious! I woke the next morning thinking I was in a dream. There are so many things to get into here, and it is tailor made to your requirements. You choose what you want to do, or you can follow suggestions. From doing absolutely nothing and simply reading a book undisturbed, to enjoying the outdoors. You can swim in the lakes, walk through the forests and pick mushrooms, or get artistic and paint or sculpt. It’s also fun to help out on the farm. On top of that, there are specialist treatments like Acupuncture, or you can try Yoga. Everything is catered for you. One of the special aspects of this place is Bridget and her partner Max. Two of the most warm and loving people I have ever met. They instantly made me feel at home and guided me to become one with myself again. Your stay will be truly inspiring and you will be renewed beyond your expectations.

JB April 2015

I was recommended to Bridget by a friend in Canada and went to see her for a consultation. I had been struggling with depression and low energy levels for a number of years and traditional medication had proved ineffective. I had a series of acupuncture and healing sessions with Bridget over a period of several months. The combination of talking through some of my issues, with insightful feedback and input from Bridget proved to be very cathartic and effectual and combined with acupuncture sessions I made some significant progress. I found Bridget to be very professional and would have no hesitation in recommend her services and would be happy to be contacted by anyone wishing to discuss her work

DM April 2015

I arrived from a stressful job into this very calm and peaceful place. . . the food was incredible, the accommodation- I haven’t slept so well in a long time, and the company was great! I developed a newfound interest in sketching through observing Max’s talent showcased throughout the property and I’ve always been interested in alternative therapies so speaking with Bridget about it was really educational. I can’t speak highly enough about this couple, they made me feel instantly at home and I hope we get to cross paths again in the future!

Kellie February 2015

My wife and I had the opportunity of staying with Bridget and her partner Max at their wonderful property on the outskirts of Vienna. The medieval farm house complex is set in stunning surroundings and is filled with character and charm. Their restoration project is both exciting and inspirational, as you would expect from such talented and creative individuals ! The setting that they have created is a haven for relaxation, creativity and a place to enjoy simple pleasures like a home cooked meal using local produce and to take time out to enjoy and be present in the moment. We wish them continued success with their development of the property and for the exciting initiatives that they are planning for the future

K&V April 2015

I was really surprised and pleased with the positive response I got after Bridget did a series of treatments on me. Surprised at how connected the pressure or ‘points’ she found were to different parts of the body, and how she could free up the responses by the treatments. I especially remember a ‘needle’ point in my foot giving a response in my groin! I must admit I had complete trust in her ability to administer the acupuncture treatments and make a difference to my feeling of good health.

LC March 2015

Bridget is skilful in her process. She asks questions, makes notes, and provides time for clients to discuss any problems or changes in their health, all prior to the first needle insertion. She does this professionally and discloses any relevant information in her findings if you ask.  Even at the first session, this is not difficult or awkward. The acupuncture bed is comfortable and there are many crisp sheets and pillows. The effect: I am a skeptic when it comes to alternative medicine but I was humbled by her empirical approach, knowledge, and acumen. I did feel a physical shift in my pulse and energy throughout the acupuncture and ”lighter” afterwards (less tension and imbalance in my body). The experience has subtly changed me and my relationship with my body. I am more aware of the movements I make, the foods I consume, and the sensations of pain, warmth, cold, and relaxation. I would highly recommend Bridget, if you are interested in acupuncture but are hesitant. She is not just certified but has experience with a wide range of issues. On a human to human level, she is kind, considerate, compassionate, has great humor, and is wonderful.

LK February 2015

A wholly relaxing treatment in a wholly relaxing environment. Whether you are needing treatment for an ailment like I was, or just a little chill-out I would highly recommend Bridget’s retreats. Bridget strives to fully understand your needs and delivers a bespoke treatment that is both remedial and enjoyable.

AR March 2015

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